William Hut

William Hut is praised internationally for his work with Norwegian Grammy winners Poor Rich Ones, and received rave reviews for his ninth solo albums Hafnir Games, The genre-dipping pop sound of William Hut is sure to stop listeners dead in their tracks.

Hut’s debut solo album Road Star Doolittle was in Rob O’Connor’s (Rolling Stone) list of top 10 albums for 2003. UK press described it as “Infinitely sad and nocturnal, yet uplifting rather than depressing, this is a real find!” (Q). The follow up, Versus The End of Fashion Park’ was described as “...warmly sad, high on heartbreak …(a) wintry classic” (Uncut) and “...a hopelessy romantic record of love, loss and longing.” (Drowned in Sound). 

In 2007, he released his most successful album to date Nightfall and featured the hit Take It Easy which spent over 6 months in the Norwegian charts and earned him his third Norwegian Grammy nomination as a solo performer.

Hut’s first release on the international scene in 8 yearsHafnir Games (2016) is arguably his best, most diverse and beautiful album yet. Stand out tracks include the poetic folk-pop of BlissTussle For Freedom with shades of Death Cab For Cutie’s wistful lyricism and the driving synth/bass bittersweet pop of The Racetrack. Comparisons to Michael Stipe are clear on the gorgeous romance of Balcony View

In the spring of 2018, William will also participate in prime time TV show in Norway called the Voice of the Century where he will be competiting as one of 10 artists to have the voice of the century.

William will play for us acoustic together with his pianist Jens Christian Rimau.

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