Torrent is the meeting of two musicians, of two worlds, which, like any great discovery, was a bit of a random detour of an unexpected alchemy.
Tom discovers the music on his parents’ old piano at the age of 12 and starts the music theory and … the clarinet. All agree on his talent, but it is more particularly the technique that fascinates him and he quickly assembles his first studio. Laurent discovers music at age 8, and is passionate about percussion and drums before heading to the guitar. Inspired by such greats as Kirk Hammet (Metallica) and John Fusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), he quickly develops compositional talents with powerful and melodious creativity.
In 2003, their meeting resulted in a first training “Bobble Head” and a first album distributed by Universal Music. At the break-up of the group, Tom and Lo decide to work together on the OWELL project which will give birth to the album “Chromatic” released in March 2016.
The passion for music is much stronger than the pitfalls that can stand in the way, Tom and Lo take advantage of these experiences to produce, with the team that surrounds them for 3 years, a new training based on their madness, their power and their desire to move people on their music. A new universe Electro-pop is born associating young talented artists who intervene punctually on their compositions. TORRENT is born and proposes melodies built around sounds, rhythms and modern and sensual texts.
TORRENT is not a universe, but a “mutlivers” taking advantage of all the influences and skills of all the people who came across Tom and Lo and from which they took the best to offer their audience nuggets of happiness and musical pleasure.