The Funktionnaires


Spring 2014: a singer, a trombonist and a drummer walk into a bar and form a band. From such modest beginnings, the Funktionnaires have developed over the intervening years into the definitive party band, adding soulful sax, groovy guitar and the best bass this side of Motown to fulfill our mission statement: to make sure no-one leaves the dance floor. They don’t claim to do anything original or groundbreaking (apart from having the greatest ever Cockney impersonation by a Dutchman!) ; their multi-national collective of funky people just want you to have a good time by dancing your way through an ever-expanding collection of soul, funk and disco numbers. With the added benefit of a real-live horn section, these repressed civil servants (with a farmer-lobbyist in the mix for extra spark) promise to make it funky whenever you hear them!