Waterloo Sessions

Waterloo Sessions is a humanitarian non profit organization established in Waterloo, Belgium, focused on giving children in developing countries and conflict zones access to education, the arts and sports. We believe that arts and music can be a means for communication and reconciliation and that is what Give Music a Chance is about. We want to give young people living in developing countries and conflict areas the opportunity to create, and perform music, and be able to connect, unite, and in some instances reconcile, through music. We want young people to have the opportunity to have their voices heard through music.

This is why we have partnered with Music Fund, a Belgian non-profit organization, which in 2005 started collecting used musical instruments. To date, over 5000 instruments have been collected and 2500 of them have been repaired and donated. By ensuring a reliable supply of decent musical instruments, Music Fund helps young people living in developing countries gain access music education and share in the joys of music making.

In addition to running a number of programs in different countries, Music Fund has identified two projects run by the Norwegian non profit organization Hedda Foundation in Vietnam and Myanmar. Music Fund will support Hedda’s ongoing project in Vietnam, and in Mynamar Music fund will support Hedda’s new cultural program which include building a music school. However, the school will only have limited instruments and Music Fund therefore wants to equip the school with instruments and provide training of local technicians who can maintain and repair them.

On June 10th, Waterloo Sessions supports this collaborative project between Music Fund and Hedda Foundation by enjoying music together – at an all-day – family friendly – music festival on the beautiful Campus D‘Argenteuil in Waterloo. Come and enjoy the day with us and Give Music a Chance! Reach us at waterloosessions@gmail.com.