Stereo Grand


The Belgian-Scottish band Stereo Grand is back with a new album due for release in autumn 2016 entitled “Somewhere A Silver Bullet Lies ». It’s been four long years since their last album “The Invisible Wall”, with singles “Stereo” and « Into Dust” filling the airwaves across the country. Stereo Grand’s first offering from the EP “I’m Coming Home”, gave us the classic “Yeah Yeah”, an instant radio hit, and the subsequent demand for live performances followed.

From their debut album release in 2013, Stereo Grand toured non-stop until their self-imposed exile in 2015 to begin their follow-up record. “Somewhere A Silver Bullet Lies” is Stereo Grand’s most accomplished work to date as the collection of songs defines the groups’ ambition to create emotional pieces with no regard to musical style boundaries. For “Somewhere A Silver Bullet Lies”, Stereo Grand’s first mission was to create their own working environment that suited their unusual writing and recording needs; with band members living in both Belgium and Scotland, it was important to have the freedom to write plus the equipment to record within each session.

Taking the reins on artistic direction and production was task for the highly regarded Jean Lamoot (Ferber Studio Paris, Noir Désir, Girls In Hawaii, Alain Bashung, Absinthe Minded, Rivière Noire,…). “Somewhere A Silver Bullet Lies” forms a rich soundscape of post-indie rock. The album blends elements of vintage rock with futuristic sounds, orchestral musicians combine seamlessly with Stereo Grand’s five-piece core to deliver their vision of future rock music.

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