Simen Walle

Simen Walle is 18 years old, yes 18. He plays guitar, writes songs and sings out of this world. Simen is still in school and is also student at the Grieg Academy in Bergen for aspiring musicians. His first big appearance was at age 15 when he made the finals at the Norway Got Talent on TV. His musical interests are varied and you can find him playing jazz improvisation, blues or even playing with big band.

Simen released his first single “Fear as a friend” in November 2016 and is currently working on his first album, with Calle Hamre (of Butterfly Garden) as producer. Simen Walle is an amazing live artist, and it seems as if he has never done anything else but stand on a stage. Expect to hear more from Simen in 2017.Come and enjoy his show!