Samir Barris

 The great return of Samir Barris brings beauty and poetry. After many years of collaboration with other artists, Samir Barris returns with a third solo album, sober and elegant. The Brussels singer-songwriter has not played solo material since 2009 so this is a long awaited return.

Samir Barris began his career as a drummer of the band Melon Galia. After 3 EPs, an album and concerts in Belgium, France, Canada, USA, the band separates. In 2006, Samir Barris released his first solo album. The song “Le Fossé” lays the foundation for poetic pop writing. In 2009, a new album was released, featuring the duo “Velvet and Lies” with radio host Vanessa Klak, a former classmate.

In 2010, together with multi-instrumentalist Catherine de Biasio, he created the duo “Here Baba” whose first album won the Charles Cros award for children’s records. In 2011 he joined Séverine Cayron and Nicholas Yates and created the band “the Fine Gesture” which released their first album the same year. He also participated in 2016 with the “Ba Ya Trio”, whose album ” Tour du Monde ” won the Octave of Music, the Minister’s Award and Special Mention of the “Song at School” program.

Nine years of (false) discretion allowed him to prepare this new album, which he will present to us on May 26 at the Give Music a Chance Festival of Waterloo. Samir will release his new solo album “End of summer” on March 30.