Pogo Pops

Foto A.Granli/ PixelCanon


The Norwegian band Pogo Pops is often considered the band that defined the Bergen Wave and is best known for their songs “The Great Fall“, “Man Inside My Head” and “My Mind Explodes“. The band consists of Frank Hammersland on bass and vocals, Viggo Krüger on guitar and Nikolai Hamre on drums. The band released four albums in the 1990s filled with melodious pop rock. Their debut album “Pop Trip” received excellent reviews in the Norwegian press and was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Award in 1992 (Spelemannsprisen) For the follow up album “Crash” the band received Spellemannprisen in 1993. Releasing albums in 2006 and 2009 and 2012, Pogo Pops will celebrate their 25th year anniversary since Pop Trip and in May 2017 they release their new album “Love is the greatest compass“.