Piano Club


In ten years of existence, accumulating collaborations and external productions, crossing modes and currents, varying its geometry and cultivating a singular image, Piano Club has defined its sound signature!

In 2016, the band was back with Fantasy Walk! In this third album the group tries to transform the agreed into unexpected by distilling an elixir of modern pop, combination of influences from the eighties  and clever melodies filled with cosmic obsessions.

The harmonies burst on synthetic tablecloths and chiseled riffs; like “Comets“, an epic pop single  where Anthony’s voice goes to the heights, or the dance song “Christine“!

In spite of the colorful coverings of the satin bombers worn by the group, Fantasy Walk is a deep album, prone to questioning.

Composed on a timeless calendar: spontaneous writing and composition in the morning, for a recording in the afternoon, the album distills a certain festive nostalgia while plunging to a mysterious future. The evolution of the personality according to the periods of life (Crocodiles, Everytime), experiences and meetings, joys and sorrows, combine as on the title “Esther”.

As usual, Piano Club has created their album from A to Z. Fantasy Walk is an almost handcrafted object, entirely self-produced from the home studio to the design of the cover designed largely by hand by the artist Iudi.
On stage, Piano Club is also questioning and is enriched by a choir. Twelve people surround the basic rock formation. Piano Club is transfigured  live, with female voices percussion, metamorphosis is underway.

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