New singles from Pogo Pops and Butterfly Garden!

New singles from Pogo Pops and Butterfly Garden!

Two of our Norwegian bands have just recently released new singles! We are looking forward to hearing old and new material from these bands who have played together on and off for at least 25 years. Depending on where you are and what music platforms you are on, check out the new singles at:

Architect by Pogo Pops on Spotify and Itunes 

Oh tell me love by Butterfly Garden on Spotify and Itunes

Foto Pogo Pops – A.Granli/ PixelCanon





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  1. Birgit Brühl

    Wish you all the best for the festival, I wish I could be there! My singing teacher Calle Hamre is playing and he asked me to decorate a ukulele. This is a great project all together and I´m proud to be invited to contribute artisticly. Good luck:-) Birgit

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