Monday Penny

MONDAY PENNY is a Brussels group resolutely “pop-rock” composed of 4 musicians. The quartet consists of singer-guitarist Dim, keyboardist Alex, bassist Ben and drummer Seb.

The repertoire consists exclusively of their own compositions whose roots are resolutely “pop-rock of the 21st century” but of rather diversified horizons while being stamped with a very specific original identity.There is a scent of nostalgia mixed with modern and powerful rhythms and a keen sense of haunting melodies.

MONDAY PENNY is the love of music combined with the great talent of communication and sharing of this passion.¬†The band has released its first EP, “Quid” containing¬† titles loved by the fans. Their first single, “Wonder”, was released on June 5, 2017. The second single “To the Limit”, a catchy song with excellent radio potential, was released in September 2017