Keaton Simons

Keaton Simons is an American singer/songwriter visiting GMAC all the way from Sunny California!

Simons is out with a new EP, 123 Go. The title track is jubilant roots rocker that picks up both steam and jangle as the song progresses, it is an absolutely infectious groove that defies you not to tap your feet, clap your hands and shake blissfully at top speed as you listen to it. Equally impressive, though on the opposite side of the musical spectrum, is the moody and gorgeous “The Sound Of Impatience.” The six-song collection bounds back and forth effortlessly between the two tempos, from the feel-good “Crazy in Love” to the beautiful and moving track, “Yet.” The EP’s lead track is the rootsy “Crane City,” a song directly inspired by Simons recording in Nashville.

Simons has often played with other artists throughout his career. Just until last year he was in the enviable position of playing guitar for none other than Chris Cornell. “I played in bands with numerous other artists growing up, including Snoop Dogg, Skimkid3 from The Pharcyde, Gnarles Barkley, and most recently, Chris Cornell. I’m blessed to have worked with such amazing people, learn from them and make some incredible music.”

Interesting piece of fact: Keaton was discovered by Ben Harper.

Check out Keaton Simons in our YouTube or Spotify playlist, or here:

His music has also appeared in numerous movies and TV shows:

2017 : Days of Power (Movie With Eric Roberts) : 2 Tracks ‘And I Hold On’ + ‘When I Go’
2016 : Suits (Série saison 5)  ‘When I go’
2016 : Miss Sloane (Movie with Jessica Chastain)  ‘When I Go’
2015 : A Hitman in London (movie with Mickey Rourke & Daryl Hannah) :  ‘Wait’
2015 : The Sparrow: Nesting (Film with Valenzia Algerian, Stacy Allen, Christopher Atkins) ‘You pulled me through’
2014 : The Opposite Sex (Film with Geoff Stults,Kristin Chenoweth, Mena Suvari, Jennifer Finnigan)  ‘If i hadn’t forgotten’ + ‘Beautiful Pain’
2014 : Pepper ’court métrage’ :  ‘Littel White Liar’
2013 : Revelation Road 2 (Film avec David A.R. White, Brian Bosworth)  The Sea of Glass and Fire / Titre : ‘Hero & Hell’
2013 : The Young and the Restless :  ‘Little White Liar’
2013 : Treachery (Film avec Michael Biehn, Matthew Ziff, Caitlin Keats, Jennifer Blanc) : ‘Beautiful Pain’ + ‘Father Song’
2012 : The Night Never Sleeps (Film with Armand Assante & Eric Roberts)   ‘Lift Me Up’ + ‘Ordinary Words’
2012 : 90210 Beverly Hills – New Génération :  ‘Bring it on to Home to me’
2011 : Prom (Film avec Aimee Teagarden, Thomas McDonell)  ‘We could be anything’
2009 : NCIS : The Official TV Soundtrack ‘Mama Song’
2009 : NCIS : The Official TV Soundtrack ‘Grim Reaper’
2009 : The Good Wife (Série with Julianna Margulies, Chris North)  : ‘Good Things get better’
2009 : The Butcher : ‘Brilliant Blue’
2009 : Harper’s Island (Série with Elaine Cassidy)  ‘Without your skin’ + ‘Good things get Better’
2009 : Knuckle Draggers (movie with Ross McCall)   ‘Unstoppable’
2008 : Novel Adventures :  ‘Can you hear me?’
2008 : N3mbers (Série)  ‘Unstoppable’
2008 : Fields of Fuel (Documentary with Larry David) : ‘To me’
2007 : Music Within  ‘Ordinary People’
2006 : Men in Trees  ‘Currently’
2005 : Feast :  ‘Currently’
2005 : Sky High Soundtrack (with Kurt Russel et Kelly Preston)  ‘And she was’
2000 : Mercy Streets Soundtrack : 4 tracks ‘Currently’ + ‘Lift me up’ + It’s Okay’ + ‘Hello, you know goodbye’