Hedda Foundation

The purpose of the Hedda foundation is to foster human rights, equality, democracy and development through artistic projects and programmes. Amongst other things, Hedda is currently working on cultural programs in Vietnam and Myanmar.

In Vietnam, Hedda has been active for over 10 years supporting cultural programs while the program in Myanmar is newly established. The goal of the program is to support music, literature and culture in Myanmar for performing artists, to provide a road to build pride in cultural plurality and an open society as prerequisites for building a resilient society that is open and inclusive and operates with integrity. One of the most important goals in the program is to build a music schools in Yangon/Gitameit and make it capable to offer a place where young people can develop their musical skills. Until now the school buildings in Yangon were falling apart, with special challenges in the monsoon period. The new school will be both a long term cultural investment for the future, as well as hugely inspiring for young musicians. The program will be a unique contribution to Myanmar’s youth having access to learning music, involving and uniting disparate groups in the local community in the cultural process.

According to founder of Hedda Foundation Geir Johnson:  

“Myanmar has a fascinating scene of traditional music which will be a vital part of the Gitameit school. The music scene is young, but very weak. There is a surge for knowledge, for contacts, for possibilities to express oneself, that has been forbidden for so many years under the military regime… a future collaboration with Music Fund and friends is of vital importance, as the competence of the personnel is of much higher importance than the building itself. We just had to start somewhere, and to provide a decent building was a necessary first step.”

We will keep you posted on the building of the music school on our website – so keep an eye out on our latest news section. The school is scheduled to open on February 25th.

To learn more about the Myanmar project and about Hedda Foundation, go to www.heddafound.no.

HEDDA launches cultural program for Myanmar