Great Mountain Fire

Sundogs, being the title of Great Mountain Fire last album, is the last word from the last song on Canopy. We might think that this new record was just the follow up from the 5 guys from Brussels last abum, but you’ll change your mind from the first listen.

After the first album, Canopy, being a quick and swinging pop opus, the band had astonished by proposing an acoustic version. This one showed a huge inventive and melodic richness. After a break of almost three years, the band came back with new levitating melodies carried by large underground reverbs from « Lapis Lazuli », « What Fool!? » and « The Magic » immediately sticking the audience’s brain.

The 5 guys from Brussels have been playing together since youth through different bands. Their last album was conceived end to end in the Amerikaans Theater, the American Clubhouse at the World exhibition in 1958. They seem to have found a psychedelic chemical formula with a touch of impressionism being Sundog’s red line. Fuzz guitar, magnetic tapes or haunted reverb are everywhere together with aerial voices and melodies but also a kind of earth groove. Sundog’s groove shows alternately tropical spasms (« 5-Step Fever »), a strangely lucid bliss (« It looks perfect to me ») animated through analog fog (« You Shadow ») or electric fever (« Million Years of Jetlag »)

….and dont be surprised if you hear some new material from them at Give Music a Chance……

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