Frozen Nation

On top of the hills above the city of Brussels, winter is particularly harsh and night comes very early. You only see very few people in the streets, going from a house to another. The street belongs to the lonely crows perched on the walls of that old prison that some tourists think is a castle or a museum.

But inside Spector Studio, the tubes’ heaters, the vintage drum machines and compressors’ heat make a good shelter for the passionate musicians. The VCO’s transistors are comfortably set in a small chip, called UA726, originally used for guided missiles, keeping them at the temperature of 73°C thus making the notes of Elvis in tune.

Elvis is a unique modular synthesizer made by an unknown genius for the band Jethro Tull in the beginning of the 70s, also called « The Modular Beast » in his past life. D&D took him out from a horrible guy’s hands and took care of him, bringing him back his health and his melodic as well as his psychological and electrical stability.

During this winter, D&D and Moss meet at Spector Studio and start to make the basic arrangements for what would become their 1st single : “I Failed For You” which was playlisted in many synthpop, new wave and future pop radio programs around the world and was considered as a promising track.

Then the band decided to work on a full album with a more elaborated production including real drums, percussions, guitar & bass, a lot a synth, Elvis on every track and several guest friends on backing vocals. The concept is simple : Moss’ voice & lyrics are dark, D&D’s music is disco, it’s made in Belgium = DARK BELGIAN DISCO !

Moss comes from a very ancient district called « Marollen », this mythical neighborhood is full of history, its inhabitants are considered as being tough guys, speaking a strange language made of Flemish, Spanish, French & Yiddish. D&D come from Paris and settled in Belgium because they think good weather sucks.

For sure the members of Frozen Nation share a common passion for New Order,  Kraftwerk, John Foxx, The Psychedelic Furs, PIL, among many others but they also love Giorgio Moroder & Disco Music..