Frédéric Lamory

Frederic Lamory is a singer-songwriter you’ve probably heard of. In the last 25 years, he has collaborated with many artists and performed on many stages in Brussels, Wallonia and Northern France.

Frederic Lamory has been playing the piano since the age of six. At 17, he recorded his first 45. From the age of 18, he regularly performs in the piano-bars of Brussels and plays with Belgian artists like Marc Herman, Philippe Lafontaine or Franck Michaël. In 1991, he decided to devote himself entirely to music and started composing more, sometimes romantic and sometimes catchy songs.In March 1998, Belgium discovered him in an imitation of Gilbert Montagné on RTL-TV. In 2000, he meets Hervé Jacque, who will become his regular lyricist.

His first album “Another look” was released in 2008. The second album “his job as a man”, took a few years, mostly because Frédéric wanted to take the time to design, build and polish the 10 songs. 

Frédéric will play his keyboards for us inside at the Chapel.