Festival Rules and Security

We want the Festival to be pleasant for all – young and old. For everyone’s safety and comfort we have some simple festival rules we ask that you read and follow and some tips for how to make the check in process smooth and easy for everyone.

  1. There will be a security check at the festival entrance by professional security. Do note that all bags and persons will be checked, so to save time, please do not bring bags unless necessary.
  2. Please note that all dangerous items will be confiscated by security (glass, spray bottles, knives, sharp objects, point umbrealls etc.) Everything that is considered dangerous by the organisation can be confiscated.
  3. If you do bring a bag, we ask you to bring no food or drinks (including in particular no glass bottles). There will be plenty of reasonable and good food available inside.
  4. Animals are not allowed at the festival site (except for guide dogs for visually impaired).
  5. Alcohol will only be served to adults over 18 years old and there will be separate wristbands for adults only.
  6. Illicit substances are not allowed and it is strictly forbidden to use or sell drugs at the festival. 
  7. Drones are not allowed on the festival grounds.
  8. The festival organizers withhold the right to refuse access or ask persons to leave the festival if they are considered a threat to security or to disturb other festival attendees.
  9. This list can be updated by the organisation at any time.