Donate an instrument

A music festival with its heart in the right place – that, is what Give Music a Chance is all about! We turn the festival into a musical bazaar for old instruments that are given new life, in new hands and in distant countries. Thanks to such donations, Music Fund can support musicians in conflict areas and developing countries.

Do you have an instrument sitting around that you are not playing, or perhaps it is missing a piece or is slightly broken? If that is the case, then consider donating it to Music Fund.

Music Fund will have a collection point on site where you can drop of the instrument. Music Fund will repair the instrument if it is broken and will have a demonstration of how they repair various instruments on site. The beauty of many instruments is that when cared for properly, it can last for decades and in some cases centuries. Donating an instrument and giving the gift of music therefore means giving many people the opportunity to create, perform, connect and unite through music in the future.

In order to save time on the day of the festival (when you want to listen to music anyway), we urge you to register your instrument using the form below giving you a unique Music Fund number. This way Music Fund has a way to reach you and tell you when your instrument has been donated to a project. We can also arrange for drop off before the festival so please fill out the form below to register instrument and request a drop of time in Waterloo.