Alexandra Flament

Alexandra Flament  (born Magnusson in 1974 in Gothenburg Sweden), spent hours and hours in her grandmothers atelier, watching ,drawing, painting, trying different materials.  She tried her way with different schooling in dressmaking, art, interior design and as a florist. 1996 she opened a flower shop and put all her heart and effort in there.  In2004 she moved to Brussels.

During all the time she had her atelier continuing painting but she always had difficulties calling herself an Artist. Maybe because there is so much judgment in the word. Whom is an artist? When do you become an artist? She does what she does because it is something that makes her feel complete, it is part of her life puzzle. If she don’t paint she is unhappy. It is as simple as that.  

She loves creating beautiful environments, beautiful flower arrangements, and love painting in general.  The collection of paintings you see in the Chapel during the auction is her way of putting these elements together.  They are all painted during 2016-2017, Acrylics on canvas.

What Alexandra says about the ukulele: 

I am honoured to be part of the Music found project. When I was asked to decorate one of the Ukuleles I was very happy and as I am in my flower period at the moment it was obviouse it would be a Flower Ukulele, I also find the mix of music and flowers natural and wonderful. 

My way to paint flowers is inspired by the barock and dutch renaissance way of painting, I love the dark mystical way the flowers appear in the picture. The Ukulele is first painted black and then decorated with the flowers. The back is slightly sanded to make the paint stick better. I have used Acrylics as it is the medium I am used to workng with. The Ukulele is then varnished.I hope this piece will make someone happy and that it will be used both as an instrument and a decoration. And hopefully it will bring happiness to less fortunate people in another part of the world. 


 TBV Gothenburg 

Sollentuna Art Fair 

Kol och Krita Gallery , several collective exhibitions

Haga Badet Gothenburg Sweden, solo exhibition

Art Delicious Art Gallery, Gothenburg Sweden 

Kyrko Gatan Gothenburg Sweden, solo exhibition 

Falkberget, solo exhibition


Lounge , Gothenburg Sweden 

Le Lac , Brussels Belgium 

Atelie Lateral 19, solo exhibition

Ch de Waterloo 16

1640 Rhode Saint Genese