8eme Groupe to play at GMAC 2018

8eme Groupe to play at GMAC 2018

Give Music a Chance is a different kind of festival and 8eme Groupe is a different kind of band.  The 8th Group is composed of 6 musicians with different influences and backgrounds, and Pascal Duquenne is perhaps the most famous of them. Each member involved in the project is part of the non profit organization “The 8th Day” which allows people with mental disabilities to live independently while being supported by an educational team. The 8th Group composes its own pop/rock songs with various sounds, in English and in French  and in concert, their fire, energy and humor make their “difference” an original and touching project.

Artists like Alice on the Roof, Saule and Grandgeorge support the 8eme Groupe. Come to Give Music a Chance on May 26th in Waterloo and experience this beautiful project yourself. 

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