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The music school in Myanmar has opened

The Gitameit Music Center in Yangon, Myanmar that Hedda has built, opened on February 25th. Our friends at Hedda, Geir Johnson and Jørgen Lorentzen, were at the opening ceremony and have shared their pictures from the event. As Hedda founder Geir Johnson put it:

“Yesterday’s opening concert was an astounding success. The students were well prepared, and performed in a number of close to 60 on as diverse instruments as Burmese harps (8 harp players!), string instruments, small percussion, piano and two choirs + the Trondheim Soloists [Norwegian musicians]. More than 100 people attended the performance, which ended up lasting almost 2,5 hours.”

Enjoy the images and know that this music school will soon be filled with sound made by instruments from Music Fund.

Video to follow.

For Norwegian readers:

Norsk stiftelse åpner musikkskole i Myanmar

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